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The Unreached


The current world population is approximately 7.67 billion people. Approximately 3.19 billion of those people have never heard the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. So what does it mean to “adopt” a people group? It means that we as a church have decided to pray for and financially support missionaries who are actively translating and bringing the Gospel to those who are unreached.

Banjar "Bee" People


SGT has adopted the Banjar, an unreached people group of over 4 million situated primarily in Indonesia; they have no viable, self-supporting, propagating church yet, but inroads are being made. Pray for the field workers who serve in this sensitive area of the world.

Souss Berber “See” People


SGT has adopted the Souss Berber of Morocco, an unreached people group of over 3 million who have no viable, self-supporting, propagating church. Pray that God will send workers to serve in this very needy area of the world.

How Do We Reach Them?

David Garrison, PhD, has done research on movements among Unreached People Groups and he has found that there has never been a movement among an Unreached People Group unless it was preceded by sustained, focused prayer for that people group. Because of this, we are launching a prayer website for this people group. Please consider subscribing to become a daily prayer partner of this effort. This means you will receive a short email (3-4 sentences) each day suggesting how to pray for the Banjar and the effort to reach them. Please click here to subscribe and pray:

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