Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry

As a church, we are so excited to provide resources for our married (or planning to be married!) couples. Here’s a quick overview of what resources we have to offer:

Ongoing Meetings

Couples Class

These classes meet every Sunday immediately after the 1st service in Conference Rooms 1 & 2 and are focused on equipping couples to fulfill the vision the Lord has for their lives. You will walk away each week with tools to grow in your marriage and be challenged to grow closer to the Lord and to one another. This is a required class for all those involved in any of the SGT Marriage Ministries.

Pre-Marital Counseling / Getting Married at SGT

As you anticipate your wedding day, the preparation should also include your pre-marital counseling. Our Pre-Covenant Classes have been prayerfully established for your growth as a couple in preparations for your marriage. Your wedding plans involve sacrifices in your time and finances. The Pre-Covenant classes need to be an important part of your planning as well. The classes are a combination of video, discussion (based on the homework) and lecture. Each couple will also be given a FOCCUS test to better understand the strengths and challenges of their relationship. Attendance and participation in these classes are required for those desiring to be married by a pastor from the staff of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle.

Pre-Covenant Classes are held two times during the year. The Classes at SGT take place on five (5) Tuesday evenings at two (2) week intervals. Please call extension 117 for the exact dates for the next Pre-Covenant Class. There is a cost of $125.00 (per couple) for the class resources. These books and CD’s will help you to better understand the covenant of marriage and provide strong building blocks for you.

In addition, Please also plan on attending the Couples Class each Sunday at 10:30 am in Conference Room #5. This is a great opportunity to see the big picture of marriage, as well as providing fellowship with other couples. God bless you as you grow in Him.

Couple-To-Couple Counseling

At SGT, we provide free couple-to-couple counseling through our NAME CENTER (National Association for Marriage Enhancement). Our trained and certified counselors provide biblical and effective counseling to reassure you that God cares and that He desires to be a central part in your marriage. You will learn principles from God’s Word that will reinforce God’s ideals for husbands and wives.

Directors: Dennis & Vicky Powers
Contact them at 631-982-8249

Kingdom Marriage

What is the purpose for your marriage? Does God have something specific in mind for us to do? I know there must be more to marriage than just struggling to make ends meet and striving to be happy! Kingdom Marriage is a 6-week small group marriage ministry. Couples meet in homes using a video/workbook format. Tony Evans’ inspired teaching will give men and women new insights into biblical principles as well as assurance that God has a powerful purpose for each Kingdom Couple.

To sign up, email Craig & Joan Rogers at

Online Resources

12 Habits that Lead to Divorce and How to Avoid Them

This is a series that we took some time to really dig into in our Couple’s Class. Click the links below to view either an abbreviated 2-min devotional summary of the study, or an in-depth 20-30 min teaching on each of the 12 habits.

Relationships and You

This series on the book of James was taught in the Fall of 2022 by Pastor Ted Bichsel. We pray that these audio recordings equip you to have a healthier, more Godly relationship with your spouse.

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