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Discipleship Ministry

The Discipleship Ministry here at SGT has been creating videos, podcasts, classes and many resources to give you all more opportunities to be discipled and led through important biblical conversations and beliefs that we believe are foundational and important for our walk with Christ. If you would like to receive more information and be added to our email list regarding these new resources and weekly videos and podcasts, please fill out your information below. This will guarantee that you will have access to all things the Discipleship Ministry is doing and the opportunity to be a part of what the Lord is doing in our Discipleship ministry here at SGT.


Our Fall Discipleship Classes begin in September!
You can read more about them below:

Sunday Morning Classes

Good News: Know What and Why You Believe

Ken Metzler | Room D139
September 11th – June 2023, 10-11am
This class offers guidance and instruction to all believers, including those who have recently accepted the Lord. It is designed to help build your life in Christ on a firm foundation. The class is a study on 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. It includes: The deity of Christ and the Trinity. The formation of and the inerrancy of the scriptures, and how to maximize our devotion time. Christ died for sinners…why the blood and are we sinners? Christ was buried…our sin nature has been buried with Him, and the battle between our flesh and spirit. Christ rose on the third day… God’s promise of eternal life, heaven and our new glorified bodies. Class may include a study on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, pending the available weeks for the semester.

The Synoptic Gospels

Tony Martin | Room D137A
September 11th – October 16th, 10-11am
This Berean School of the Bible course is an introductory study of our Lord’s life and times according to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. It examines the background of the world into which Christ came “when the time had fully come.” It focuses on His life from the Annunciation to the Ascension. It also stresses His message and His method, including His parables and His miracles. Organized around three themes—the world, the Man, and the message—this study helps students integrate their understanding of Christ’s life and work with a clear commitment to live by the principles He taught and the values He demonstrated.

Couple’s Class

Pastor Ted Bichsel | Conference Room 5
Ongoing Class, 10-11am
These classes meet every Sunday and are focused on equipping couples to fulfill the vision the Lord has for their lives. You will walk away each week with tools to grow in your marriage and be challenged to grow closer to the Lord and to one another.

Wednesday Evening Classes

Crown Financial

Ray & Mercedes Yuen | D137A
September 21st – November 16th, 7:30-9:30pm

Learn the biblical principles that have helped millions around the world experience true financial freedom. We know that things are difficult right now. Many of us are dealing with hard circumstances with work, money, and health. But take heart: No challenge is too much for God to handle. We created the Crown MoneyLife Program as a reminder that God is the great provider who will never leave or forsake us. This financial study applies biblical teaching to the heart of the problem, providing real healing, hope, and practical application.

Sign up link: Here is the link for the English version of MoneyLife with embedded 10% discount.

Crown Financial en Español

Danes Mccarter | D138
September 21st – November 16th, 7:30-9:30pm

Aprenda los principios bíblicos que han ayudado a millones alrededor del mundo a experimentar verdadera libertad financiera. Sabemos que hay muchas dificultades en el presente. Muchos de nosotros estamos enfrentando situaciones duras con nuestros  trabajos, dinero, y salud. Pero anímate: Ningún desafío es demasiado grande para Dios. Hemos desarrollado el programa Money Life como un recordatorio que Dios es el mejor proveedor, que nunca te dejará y nunca te abandonará. Este estudio de las finanzas aplica las enseñanzas bíblicas al corazón del problema, proveyendo sanidad real, esperanza, y aplicación práctica.   

Enlace de registro: aquí está el enlace para Spanish MoneyLife con el 10% de descuento

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