Days of Prayer

Days of Prayer

Tuesday, Feb. 27th to Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

These will be four intentional evening sessions and one morning session that we journey through the many “Rooms of Prayer.” Just like any home and relationship, there are different environments, qualities, and facets of prayer. As we enter each room, we will be welcomed into the beautiful layers, colorful dynamics, and divine intimacy that can only be found within a praying life. Our desire is not to teach you about prayer, but to impart within you “How to pray.”


Tuesday, February 27th

Room of Quiet Time | Pastor Ted Bichsel
7-8:30pm in the Sanctuary

Tuesday night we will learn and practice what it looks like to encounter God everyday, alone time with Him, receiving that daily bread we desperately need. Finding that Quiet Time, before we enter the noise and environment of the world around us.

Wednesday, February 28th

Room of Intercession | Diane Zarlengo
7-8:30pm in the Sanctuary

Wednesday evening we will discover the joy of yoking our hearts to the heart of God. Learning how to carry the burdens of God and actively working with and within His will…Unraveling what it means to Intercede and embracing our seat in the room of intercession.

Thursday, February 29th

Room of Ancient Prayer | Pastor Michael Sinclair
7-8:30pm in the Sanctuary

Thursday night we will join the sacred and life-giving practices and principles of prayer…that have sustained us through the centuries. The Old Testament prayer warriors, The poetic prayers of the Psalms, and the written prayers of the faithful…learning how we can live a fresh life of prayer here and now from this inheritance left by the great cloud of witness’.

Friday, March 1st

Room of Worship | Pastor Matt Pastor
7-8:30pm in the Sanctuary

Friday evening we will participate and practice what it means to posture our hearts and our words toward God. Learning the riches of His presence through the pouring out of our obedience. Experiencing the depth of fullness within a praying life when it is flavored and enraptured in worship. 

Saturday, March 2nd

Walking with God | Pastor Stephen Zarlengo
7:30-9am at SGT Main Entrance

Saturday Morning we will break-away from the normal scenery of our everyday lives and this address. Discovering the refreshing and life giving relationship of God, found in the side by side walk with Him. Being out in Creation with the Creator, knowing we are His beloved…and we were created to be with Him. 

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