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The Journey

The Journey is a comprehensive program designed to inspire participants to connect with the church and one another, to pursue genuine discipleship, and to discover his or her unique ministry giftedness and find a place of service and ministry.

Catch the Vision

Catch the Vision is a one time, three hour event that seeks to share the vision of SGT and to cast vision for personal connection, genuine discipleship, and ministry involvement. Catch the Vision, while required for membership, is for anyone who desires to know more about SGT and how to become an active part of the SGT family.


Transformation is the second stage of the Journey and begins with a short term small group designed to define and emphasize the need for discipleship, to help the participant find a tangible path to discipleship at SGT, and, finally, to offer some means of support and accountability in their efforts. Catch the Vision is a prerequisite for Transformation.


The purpose of Discovery is to help participants discover their God given spiritual gifts, talents, passions, and unique personal traits in an effort to equip them for ministry. It begins with a short term small group in which various instruction on spiritual gifts, values, team working concepts, etc. will be offered. Individuals will benefit from taking various spiritual gift surveys, values assessments, personality profiles, etc., all in an effort to assist in their ministry placement. Attendance at Catch the Vision and satisfactory participation in Transformation is required in order to participate in Discovery.