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The Great Giver: A philosophy of worship


As worship leaders and worshippers in general, we often behave like party planners, ready to serve up a variety of songs and activities that we think will please God and move others. We like to organize, we like to feel like we are 'repaying' God for his love and his gifts. In a typical week, we worship leaders plan carefully and then show up on Sunday morning, asking God to bless our efforts and be with us as we carry them out. In The Great Giver, author Matt Pastor challenges us to think of worship and our relationship with God and each other in a completely different way.

Citing biblically based principles, Matt urges us to be more like Mary and less like Martha-to be more present with God in an intimate relationship and spend less time making sure things are 'just right' for our worship services, our prayer time, and our individual ministering. In this way, worship becomes not a dry service to God but a response to God's greatness and love. More than just outlining a different philosophy, The Great Giver demonstrates what this philosophy looks like in practical, real-life terms, from choosing a worship team to how to approach your individual prayer time. Discover the true meaning and significance of obedience, surrender, and excellence as well as their application to your walk with God. Prepare to have your old notions of worship challenged and your passion to experience God fanned into flame!