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Marriage Prep & Resources

Love may be blind but preparing for marriage should be done with your eyes wide open!

When two become one it should be for a lifetime. Before you take that important step, make sure you really know what you are doing. Our Bible based pre-marital course brings you through eight weeks of preparation for mariage which can make all the difference in the years to come.

Offered two times a year, this is a required course for anyone desiring to be married by one of the SGT pastoral team.

Directors: Skip and Eileen Hein

Here are the handouts and application for the class.

Basic information

Course Topics

Application for Pre-Covenant Class

Downloadable Resources:
1. Do you Know Your Spouses Heart?
2. 31 Days of Blessings For Your Wife 

1. The Five Love Languages
2. 2equal1
3. Growth Trac - Build a better Marriage