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Prayer Expressions

Coordinator: Diane Zarlengo | (631) 265 - 2485 x116
Assistant: Cara Smyth | (631) 872 - 7001

General Prayer/Intercession Meetings:
The corporate prayer meetings are an exciting time where the believers at SGT can come together to seek the Lord and declare His will to be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven. During these meetings there is an openness to the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit. Incorporated in the meetings are times of worship, thanksgiving, petitions, personal ministry and intercession.

Wednesday 6:00 AM - Ken Metzler
Wednesday 10:00 AM - Diane Zarlengo, John Danubio
Wednesday 7:30 PM - Luis Silva
Friday 6:00 AM - Pastor Ted Bichsel

Special Events Prayer Meetings: Diane Zarlengo
The purpose of this prayer expression is to implement specific prayer meetings for special events at SGT which will occur within future weeks or months.

Prayer Mtgs. Prior to Women’s Retreat: Judy Conti
Prayer Mtgs. Prior to Couples Retreat: Frank & Rosemarie Sideli

Strategic Prayer for Our Communities: Barbara McGovern
Strategic Community Prayer provides opportunity for SGT congregants along with members of other community churches to meet within their own community and pray for their respective town/village. Each community prayer group gathers monthly to pray in homes as well as praying onsite with insight, visiting specific geographical areas within their community. To find the prayer coordinator for your community, click here.

Outreach Prayer Partners: Patti Lewis
The purpose of this prayer meeting is to pray for the evangelism teams as they are going out to witness; for the unsaved to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; and for new believers to be encouraged in their faith.
Contact Patti at

Mission Prayer Partners: Sharon Niskanen
This ministry is a prayer partnership with our missionaries as they serve the Lord on their specific mission field. Prayer is made daily on behalf of the specific missionary you are a partner with as well as for their families and the people group they minister to. There are also corporate prayer meetings scheduled.
Contact Sharon at

Spanish Prayer Meeting:  Luis Silva
People gather in this meeting to pray in their language -- Spanish.  Some folks gather who are learning Spanish. Contact Luis at

Missions Prayer Points:
Faith Reynolds
This prayer ministry enables individuals to pray for our missionaries by making available weekly the latest communication from them. The updates are available by e-mail or by picking up a hard copy, available each Sunday, at both missions counters.
Contact Faith at

Prayer for Unreached People Groups: Faith Reynolds
This ministry of prayer consists of praying daily and specifically for one or both of the people groups which our church has adopted – “ unreached peoples”- those who have never heard the Gospel. Prayer calendars provide specific needs as well as background. Prayer meetings focused upon them are scheduled throughout the year.
Contact Faith at

265-Need Prayer Request Phone Line: 631-265-NEED (6333)
This is a phone line where individuals can call and leave their prayer request. These requests are picked up daily and shared with a group of intercessors who will pray for the specific request.

265-Need Intercessors: Laura Penney
This prayer ministry is very flexible for those who would like to pray, but are unable to attend a corporate meeting. Prayer intercessors are able to call daily into this phone line to receive and pray for the prayer request that have been left on the 265-Need phone line.
Contact Laura Penney at 

Prayer Request on Web Site:
Individuals can submit prayer requests on the SGT website. These requests are picked up daily and given to intercessors that will stand in the gap for you, presenting your requests before the Lord. To leave a prayer request, click here.

Altar Prayer:
Intercessors are available after each service to minister at the altar in prayer to those who come forward. Each intercessor is open to hear the needs of those coming forward and partner with the Holy Spirit, being sensitive to His leading - praying in faith and in the authority of the Name of Jesus for God’s provision for their needs.

Moms-In-Prayer International Prayer Meetings: Kate Hanley
This ministry is a wonderful way for mothers to participate within the community in a weekly one hour prayer meeting specifically to pray for their children, as well as their teachers, school and administration. There are prayer groups designated for the different schools in various districts. The prayer time consist of a time of Praise, Private Confession, Thanksgiving, and Intercession.
Contact Kate at

Smithtown Christian School Prayer Meeting: Ken Metzler
This prayer meeting is a time where parents, faculty, administration, and School Board members of SCS come together to pray. Intercession is made for God’s will to be in the lives of the students, their families, faculty, administration, and School Board. Also specific needs of the school and upcoming events are covered in prayer.
Contact Ken at

Smithtown Christian School Moms-In Prayer Meeting: Linda Sandberg & Diane Morea
In this prayer meeting mothers whose children attend SCS meet weekly to pray for their children, their teachers, the school and administration. The prayer time consists of praise, private confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. This meeting includes elementary, middle school and high school levels. Grandmothers are welcome.

Covenant Keepers 
Contact Jamie at

24/7 Prayer
Contact Ann at