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Q: What are your service times?
A: We have two services on Sunday and much more! Please visit the Service Times page to see days and times for services.

Q: Is SGT a part of any denomination?
A: Although we are an independent Pentecostal church, not belonging to any denomination per se, we are a member of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies.

Q: When was the church founded?
Our church was founded in 1950. For more information see Church History.

Q; What does your church believe?
SGT is a protestant, evangelical, Pentecostal church with a biblical Christian worldview, all of which our Statement of Faith reflects. For more information see What We Believe.

Q: How long are your Sunday morning services?
A: Our services are approximately an hour and a half in length. Please visit the Service Times page to see days and times for services.

Q: Does SGT have a Sunday School program? If so, when does it take place?
A: We have Sunday School for adults and children which meets from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. You can get information about these programs at the information counter.

Q: Is child care provided?
A: Child care is provided during all services.

Q: Are there programs for older children during services?
A: SGT has an awesome Children’s Ministry and offers many programs for kids.

Q: Does your church baptize infants?
A: We believe the Word of God establishes what we call believer baptism. For more information see Vision & Beliefs.

Q: How can I get on your mailing list?
A: There are several ways for you to learn about our Special Events. You may:
• E-mail to receive updates via e-mail.
• Click here to view the church calendar.
• Call the Church at (631)265-2485 and dial x140 for the Special Events recording (available 24 hours) Please dial x145 to find out about cancellations. 

Q: How can I learn more about SGT?
A: The best way is to come and experience church life at SGT. However, if you have questions, please feel free to call the church office at (631) 265-2485 or e-mail us at If you are already attending SGT, we invite you to attend Catch the Vision.

Q: Do you provide referrals to Christian counseling?
A: Yes, we provide both pastoral counseling and referrals on a confidential basis. For more information please call the church office at (631) 265-2485.

Q: Does your church offer marriage counseling?
A: Marriage counseling is available through our N.A.M.E. Center. We also have a Pre-Covenant class for couples planning to be married. For more information please call the church office at (631) 265-2485 ext 149.

Q: Do you have support groups for those who are grieving or divorced?
A: SGT offers two excellent ministries for those who are grieving or divorced called Grief Share and DivorceCare. For more information please call the church office at (631) 265-2485.

Q: Do you have simultaneous Spanish translation?
A: Yes, for the 11:30 service on Sundays. Headsets are available at the Spanish Ministry counter located in the Main Lobby. 

Q: Is the church accessible to those with physical challenges?
A: SGT is a wheelchair-accessible facility. Special wheelchair seating is also available in the sanctuary.

Q: Do you have to be a member to take part in any of the ministries of the church?
A: The ministries at SGT are provided for everyone and led by people who are members of the church.

Q: How can I become a member of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle?
A: At SGT we place a high premium on church membership. The first step toward becoming a member is attending Catch the Vision.

Q: Does the church have a youth group?
A: Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle's dynamic youth program is called The Center.

Q: Does the church have a pre-teen group?
A: Pre-teens are invited to join us on Sunday mornings with SGT Kids and on Wednesday evenings for SGT Explorer Kids. 

Q: Does the church record any of its services?
A: Yes we do. You can listen to Pastor Zarlengo’s sermons on this website or on our Podcast. You may also purchase a CD of the services at our Media Center after the first service on Sunday mornings.

Q: How many people attend SGT?
A: SGT is a large church (approximately 2,700 attendees spread over two services). 

Q: What style of music do you have in your services?
A: We have a blended style of worship incorporating a large choir, orchestra, and worship band. 

Q: Can I have my wedding at your church? What about my wedding reception?
A: Pre-marital counseling is required for all couples being married in our church. Church facilities may be used by church members on an availability basis. For more information please call the church office at 631-265-2485.

Q: When is the church office open?
A: The church office is open from 9 am -5 pm EST, Monday through Friday and voicemail is provided after regular business hours.

Q: Will you dedicate my baby?
A: We do dedicate the babies of those who are part of our congregation. To schedule baby dedications please call the church office at 631-265-2485.

For more information please contact us.