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Prayers for Iran - Earthquake Aftermath

Approximately 540 people have been killed and close to 8,000 injured as the result of an magnitude 7.3 earthquake that hit the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday (as reported by the BBC). Night-time temperatures have reached close to freezing and many are suffering without food and water. 

We ask as a church body that you would join with us in praying and interceeding for Iran and Iraq during this time. 

Lord, breathe life into hopeless situations, and give courage to those on the brink of giving up. To those already grieving from loss, provide comfort as only You can. Protect victims from those who would take advantage of their situation. Turn away evil, and cancel the plans of the enemy who wants to cause havoc and destroy faith.
(prayer taken from "A Prayer in Times of Natural Disaster," Jordan, Jessica Barlow)

For more info visit The BBC News article here.